Attention Miami-Dade residents looking for SOMETHING A LITTLE DIFFERENT  from the big or small box gyms, MMA gyms and BJJ, Karate, Tae Kwon Do or Kung Fu schools ...

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Kids and Adult Martial Arts In Miami

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist who'd like to like to have a blast while getting in shape and learning to defend yourself or if you are a parent who would like to see your child do better in school, gain confidence and develop positive character traits, then I have exciting news for you

Dear martial arts friend,

Very often when starting to look for a martial art school people are confronted with many choices and all of them may sound pretty good.

On the pages of this website you will learn:

  • How to avoid the 5 costly fears that stop people from joining a martial art school
  • 2 major rip-offs that cause you to make the wrong choice in selecting a martial arts school
  • 6 very common misconceptions about martial art schools
  • 8 major benefits you can enjoy training as a martial arts student
  • The 100% No-Risk Guarantee special offer I’ve reserved for you just for visiting this website

Even if you ultimately decide NOT to join a school, you’ll still get some important information on how to make good decisions.

So get started by downloading your FREE consumer guide on The Five Costly Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Martial Arts School… And How To Avoid Them!!

You will also get specific information that lets you know:

  • Why you want a clearly defined step-by-step plan for your martial arts experience
  • Why you want a pleasant, stress-free experience in checking out a school
  • Why you want your needs to be a perfect match with the martial arts school of your choice

In today’s world, people have many choices whether it’s work, home or play. Sometimes this incredible array of choices can make the job of whittling it down seem quite overwhelming.

It’s the same thing in martial arts.

Now that you’ve started to research the world of martial arts, you may have discovered that you need expert guidance in order to make your best decisions about what to do.

Here’s when someone who is a trusted friend or a trusted advisor can guide you on the path and help you to find the best training and the best value available in your area.

You also need to know that the school(s) you’re considering have your best interest at heart. Just so you know, my school, Unified Martial Art Academy is a Miami martial arts school that offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee on whichever Trial Program you might choose followed by a full 30 Days FREE membership program as well as a 100% No-Risk 60-Day Money Back Guarantee on the membership program of your choice.

Our goal is for you to be thrilled with our service and we are willing to go to great lengths to ensure this happens.

We will ensure we inform you about the:

  • 4 steps to your most memorable martial arts introductory program
  • 4 steps to your dream martial arts experience
  • 5 steps to your autopilot training success

On this website , you can find the answers to several of the most frequently asked questions about getting started in martial arts.

Just one more thing before we set off though. There are a few things that you must make sure you pay attention to whenever you begin a new adventure and by the time you’ve finished reading this website, you will have been made aware of each of them.

Any martial art school that’s worth its salt will ALWAYS invite you to pay a visit and take a tour of its premises. At the same time, you can have an opportunity to talk to a member of the staff and get all the necessary information you need to make your best decision.

Just like you put a high value on your ability to make an informed judgment for yourself, the martial art school must put place a high value on being able to provide you with that information.

Martial Arts for Children

Unified Martial Art offers kids' self-defense classes in Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do for youngsters aged 7 to 13

Click for more info

Martial Arts Fitness for Women

Did you ever hear that an early Bruce Lee teaching gig in LA was at the Los Angeles YWCA? Our Fitness Kickboxing classes (97% female stdents) incorporate martial art and fitness training techniques from Bruce Lee's repertoire as well as modern day fitness technologies


Martial Arts for Men

Fact: martial arts is mostly a male activity. Jeet Kune Do classes at UMAA focus on self-defense skill training from JKD and its associated disciplines like Filipino Kali, Boxing, Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu and Kickboxing