About UMAA

About Unified Martial Art Academy

UMAA Chief Instructor Sifu Dwight Woods

UMAA Chief Instructor Sifu Dwight Woods

Celebrating In 2016 Our 29th Year as the home of Miami Jeet Kune Do aka Original Miami Mixed Martial Arts

Since 1987 Unified Martial Art Academy (UMAA) has led the way in providing the highest levels of training and individual development in the martial arts, specifically catering to those Miami-Dade County residents who want to use martial art as a vehicle for personal growth.

Over these decades UMAA has taught hundreds, if not thousands, of students to use the Four Skills of Empty-handed Combat, i.e. the skills of Kicking, Punching (boxing), Trapping and Grappling plus skills in Weaponry to acquire not just self-defense skills but also self-confidence, self-control, self-awareness and other desirable self-development attributes.

Read on to see why Jeet Kune Do is therefore considered by martial artists world over as the “original mixed martial arts” style!

UMAA offers training classes in:

  • Jun Fan Martial Arts
    • Jun Fan Kickboxing
    • Jun Fan Gung Fu (Wing Chun Kung Fu)
  • Filipino Kali/Eskrima
    • Double & Single Stick, Sword
    • Stick & Dagger, Sword & Dagger, Long stick & Short Stick
    • Double & Single Dagger
    • Empty Hands
      • Kicks & Knees
      • Punches & Elbows
      • Trapping (Limb Immobilization)
      • Grappling (Throwing, Sweeping, Takedowns)
  • Muay Thai/Thai Boxing
    • The Art of Eight Weapons
      • Punches, Elbows, Knees, Kicks
  • Jeet Kune Do Associated Disciplines
    • Boxe Francaise-Savate (French style Kickboxing)
    • Japanese Jiu Jutsu
    • Japanese Shootwrestling (Shooto)
    • Combat Submission Wrestling
    • Brazilian Ju Jitsu
    • Indonesian Pencak Silat/Dutch-Indonesian Pentjak Silat
    • Filipino Kuntao Silat
    • Malaysian Bersilat