Kids Martial Arts In Miami

Junior Jeet Kune Do
Bruce Lee’s “Karate Martial Arts”
for Kids Ages 7 through 13

Attention Miami-Dade County Residents

“You Just Found A Great Miami Martial Arts School That Can In As Little As 30 Days Teach Your Child Self-Defense Against Bullies, How To Get Good Grades And Keep His/Her Room Clean… Guaranteed!!”

Historic photo of Junior Jeet Kune Do class at Unified Martial Art

Historic photo of Junior Jeet Kune Do class at Unified Martial Art

 Unified Martial Art Academy the #1 school for Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do in Miami is also the #1 Original Mixed Martial Arts School in Miami.
This is the place to discover how your child can use martial art as a vehicle for his or her personal growth and development.

Dear Concerned Adult,

If you worry at all about the problems that kids have at school today with the threat of physical violence, then this might be a very important message for you to receive.

Despite all the technological gadgetry that today’s kids take advantage of (cellphones, text messaging, video games, etc.), there’s still a decades-old problem in their schools: bullies who like to prey on anyone they consider to be a weak, scared and frightened target!

So even today kids still need help in dealing with verbal and physical intimidation and the adults who love and care for them need just as much help.

In the old days, the standard advice was to just ignore the bully. But today such simple advice will not work.

Today’s bullying can be verbal or non-verbal. It can be outright name-calling and belittling. It can turn a child from being a person into an object of ridicule (“Fatty” or “Nerd”).

Bullying can also be insidious, like exclusion as in “A bunch of us are going to the movies but you’re not invited” or it can be rumor mongering via texting or on Facebook.

Obviously, something need to be done.

This is where Unified Martial Art Academy comes in.

As one of the oldest martial arts schools in Miami, you can make use of our training program for children ages 7 through 13 to make a difference in their lives. This program is known as Junior Jeet Kune Do.

First, a little history.

Undoubtedly, you know of Bruce Lee, the 20th century’s most famous martial arts movie actor. Perhaps you also know that Bruce Lee was actually a real martial artist and the founder of his own method known throughout the world as Jeet Kune Do.

But you might not know that martial arts lessons in Miami, training in Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do has been available since the mid-1980s!

Bruce Lee taught many people but he shared his deepest thoughts only with his closest disciples, people like Dan Inosanto, the man considered Bruce Lee’s #1 disciple.

In Miami, Sifu Dwight Woods, a top student of Dan Inosanto since 1983, has been carrying on the Jeet Kune Do tradition since 1986 and along the way, created the Junior Jeet Kune Do program to be able to provide to his younger students the same cutting edge martial arts classes in Miami, as Bruce Lee did to his adult students in Los Angeles in the 1960s.

The main emphasis of the Junior Jeet Kune Do program is giving kids (and their parents) the tools needed to handle themselves, particularly in times of stress.

 BENEFITS of Martial Arts (“Karate”) Training

1. How do you stay safe in a physical assault? In physical self-defense, one of the first things you’re taught is how to block and move. The same thing applies to a verbal assault. Through “Powerful Word of the Month” training, Junior Jeet Kune Do students learn to build confidence and develop character by learning how to have quick responses both verbal and physical.

2. Assertiveness – you either have it or you don’t, right? WRONG! Assertiveness can be taught. Assertiveness has a certain “look”. Part of that look is straight and tall body language, eye contact and a strong voice. Physical martial art movements help to develop the power, strength and flexibility required for this “look”.

3. Why me? That’s the question running through your child’s mind when he/she gets picked on. But a child who has been receiving training in assertiveness through self-defense and who has been excitedly receiving promotions in rank has a highly developed sense of of achievement and accomplishment. These types of kids hardly ever get picked on.

4. Do I have to compete? Yes. But only against your best version of yourself. The real value of children’s martial art is self-development. Some schools focus mainly on teaching of techniques for “scoring a point” in a tournament. Junior Jeet Kune Do teaches kids to compete with themselves to develop useful skills resulting in a self-confident child who doesn’t bully or show off to other children.

5. Total self-development. What’s that? Among other things Junior Jeet Kune Do classes teach children that while respect for others is very important, self-respect is a worthy goal which can lead to a life full of accomplishments.

Simply put, the Miami Junior Jeet Kune Do program at Unified Martial Art Academy has raised the standard of the martial art industry. Your child will enjoy our dynamic, exciting classes full of fun-loving energetic kids just like him/her. A professional staff of highly trained instructors and assistants stands by, dedicated to helping your child succeed in martial art and life!

Miami Junior Jeet Kune Do Parents Speak Out!

Dear Sifu Dwight,
I wanted to take a minute and say a special thank you to you and your instructor team.
As you might remember, our son started at UMAA as a reluctant and traumatized child. He had had a very bad experience with a Karate instructor at his pre-school and the mention of karate frightened him. He repeatedly said “I don’t like karate!!!”
But this all changed once he started at your center. He LOVES class and his self confidence is soaring.
Additionally, he shows respect at home and school by consistently saying “yes, Sir” and “yes, Ma’am”. He often quotes Ms. Marivel and Mr. Vit in our home and thinks the world of them.
So, again many thanks and please give the instructors a big thank you from us.


Todd and Denise Brown