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UMAAMiami Fitness Kickboxing

Check Out UMAA Miami Fitness Kickboxing Classes If You Want To Get Fit And Lose Weight

Read carefully below before signing up for any Fitness Kickboxing Workout program in Miami. Be absolutely sure it meets the following SIX criteria

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the martial art fitness field. I want to give you six (6) criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:

Criterion #1. Variety of techniques… UMAA Miami Fitness Kickboxing has a base system of 128 techniques so you’ll ALWAYS be challenged (click here to see a list of basic techniques)

Criterion #2. Variety of training methods… there’s Solo training (two types) and Partner training (two types) so that you have someone to push you when you need it

Criterion #3. Knowledgeable, understanding, caring instructors… whose job is to create the best learning and sweating environment for you… they started out as students so they know what you are going through

Criterion #4. Fixed class schedule… too many choices and people cannot make a decision… If you’re serious about getting in shape you need to commit pehysically, emotionally and mentally… To help you do that we limit the number of times you can come to class… Add this training to your life schedule, set it and leave it… All you need do is show up for class twice a week… Our mixed level classes help you to find “your own pace” so you can ACTUALLY work at your own pace

Criterion #5. Emphasis on the 3 Fundamentals of Fitness… Strength, Flexibility, Endurance… but note that UMAA Miami Fitness Kickboxing adds four (4) more fundamentals… Coordination, Mobility, Agility and Strong Mental Attitude

Criterion #6. Impact training… no punching and kicking the air only… you learn how to really apply your techniques should you ever need to use them for real!